Christmas Garlands is one of those decorations that ties a look together, filling out a lot of space with beautiful greenery and serving as a platform for lights or other ornaments. The Christmas garlands are an intrinsic part of the Christmas festivities. Christmas Garland History offers an in-depth chronicle of the custom of Christmas garlands.

Christmas garland history tells us that the early settlers to America brought the custom of Christmas garlands to the country. The garlands are used to decorate the Christmas trees. They are also for other adornment purposes like decorating the room or the house during the Christmas season.

We find from the Christmas garland history, pine, spruce and cedar trees were used in the making of the Christmas garlands. There were other things used that include cornhusks, orange and scarlet pods of bittersweet, mosses, and dried fruits. The Christmas garlands were not only for home decoration they were used for decorating, churches, business establishments, shops, and hospitals also. The decoration with green garlands made an attractive picture in the background of white snow covered ground.


  • Traditional tree
  • Majestic Dew and Ombré Tree
  • Snowy Alpine Tree
  • Multicolour Pre- lit LED tree
  • Dunhill Fir Tree
  • Arbor Ultima Tree

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