Nativity Set

The history of the nativity scene represents the true spirit of Christmas with the birth of Christ. Over eight hundred years ago, St. Francis of Assisi showed us the history of the first ever recorded nativity scene. He created his depiction to help children understand the true meaning of Christmas.
St. Francis depicted his display with living people, much different to the clay or wooden nativity scenes we see in stores today. What started out so long ago has now become a tradition we see in many homes and yards today. The history of the nativity scene is not lost on the children of the newer generations, but the story of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus is still told to remind everyone what Christmas is truly about. The sturdy stable, the lowly manger, and its inhabitants tell the story that is as old as Christmas time itself.

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  • Traditional tree
  • Majestic Dew and Ombré Tree
  • Snowy Alpine Tree
  • Multicolour Pre- lit LED tree
  • Dunhill Fir Tree
  • Arbor Ultima Tree

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