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Whether you’re entertaining the whole family or it’s an intimate affair for two, Christmas dinner is something special. Don’t wait until Christmas Day to decide how you want your table laid out – have a browse through some of our Christmas table décor and setting ideas to give your Christmas dinner that extra festive feel.

Choose your christmas theme

Glacier Blue Painted Baubles- BALLS

Decide whether you want a traditional or modern theme, and tailor your colour scheme to match. Traditional schemes tend to include red & green, red & gold and white & gold combinations, whereas more contemporary schemes include brighter pops of colour, such as purples and pinks accented with silvers and greys.

Pick a Centrepiece

Christmas garland

Creating a stunning centrepiece for your table is surprisingly easy, and can completely transform your space. Try placing a decorative wreath in the centre, surrounded by pine cones, holly leaves and other floral decorations. You can also fill hurricane lanterns with baublesstring lights and beads for a magical table decoration. Just make sure that you keep your centrepiece relatively low, so people opposite each other can chat away.

Utilise the space above your table by hanging baubles and tree decorations from ribbon or twine to create incredibly effective and enchanting features.


Place tealights and votive candles around the table to create a cosy and ambient atmosphere. If you need the table space, use taper candles and candlesticks to add height and free up some room. For a particularly luxurious and elegant look, use a couple of candelabras on the table.

Decorative cottonseed wreath

Dress up Your Place Settings

When it comes to your place settings, there are a few extras you can add to transform the look of your table. Charger plates add a formal look and can be layered with other crockery to add an elegant touch to your table. You can also get creative with place cards, try labels decorated with holly or conifer, or baubles with names written on in gold or silver ink.

And it’s always fun to have a few Santa themed pieces on the table. However you decided to style your table for the big feast this year, have yourselves a very Merry Christmas.