8-feet Classic Traditional Christmas tree



Just like how we all can never forget our First love, similarly this traditional christmas tree were the First ever artificial tree that was found and this tree is still very much in demand since many decades. To reminisce and relive your memories add this to your cart because ‘OLD is always GOLD’

The traditional premium pvc tree is a natural looking artificial Christmas tree. This artificial Christmas tree has a whimsical and irregular structure, just like the real pine trees from nature have. The beautiful open structure ensures that you can decorate the tree well with many Christmas balls, hangers and other decoration. This tree is suitable for many different types of decoration.

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  • Size: 8 feet
  • Number of Branch Tips: 1500T pvc
  • Foliage colour: green
  • Realistic look: A mix of ultra-realistic plastic moulded tips, with traditional PVC tips to fill out any gaps
  • Easy assembly: Attached Hinged Branches
  • Sturdy base: Folding metal stand with plastic tips to prevent scratching
  • Indoor use only: Tree and snow flock must be kept dry
  • Height measured from the floor

Hinged Construction:
You can assemble this artificial Christmas tree very fast by the hinged construction. In this construction the branches are pre-assembled in brackets with a hinge attached to it. The branches fall into the right place as soon as you put the tree up. All you have to do is fold out the small branches so that it becomes a fully shaped artificial Christmas tree.

Side branches and needles:
The basis of this artificial Christmas tree is a metal trunk. On this trunk are the side branches with needles made from mixed materials. A part of the branches and needles is made in molds with a pvc material. These molds are formed with real pine from nature, giving the soft pvc branches and needles the precise shape from nature. The advantage of these branches and needles is that they always remain in good shape. The other part of the branches and needles is made of PVC. This is done by means of a special technique, so that they are firmly attached to the branches. Long strips of PVC are cut into thin strips for this and then wrapped around the branch. In this way a branch is created with flat and sturdy needles. 

– Artificial Christmas Tree – PVC Premium
– Incl. Metal Foot & screws

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 cm


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