Pastel Yellow Poinsettai


Size : 20cm with clip

Package : 1pc/ pack

Colour:  Pastel Yellow with glitters & matte finish

It’s one of a kind Christmas ornament, pastel yellow poinsettia which will look fabulous when used on a well-lit Christmas tree.

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  • POINSETTIA FLOWERS: Included is a single pastel yellow artificial poinsettia flower head.  The flowers are made from plastic and will look beautiful on your Christmas tree. measuring about 20cm
  • SILVER ACCENTS: On the silky flowers there are yellow glittery & matte  leaves. They are hollow so you can still see the poinsettia leaves through them. The centre of the flowers has golden glittery features that really make the flowers eye-catching.
  • ARTIFICIAL: As these flowers are artificial, they will stay bright for many years. As they are faux, the petals will not fall and shed and can be used both indoors and outdoors. After Christmas, these fuss-free flowers can be packed and stored ready for next year.
  • MULTIPLE USES: These flowers are perfect for decorating your home for Christmas. Add them to your Christmas tree, garlands and wreaths to give them a pop of colour. They will twinkle in the light when the glitter hits them. Add them into real flower bouquets or attach them to presents to decorate your gifts with.


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